5 Movies to watch on National Read a Book Day

Posted by Paul Murray on Monday Sep 1, 2014 Under Movie Articles

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September 6 is National Read a Book Day and this is one day that is truly about relaxing. Whether it be to a good book or to a great movie, this day should be spent focusing on you. Here are a few amazing movies perfect for celebrating the day with.

Nims Island

Nims Island tells the story of a young girl separated from her father and left alone on the island that they have been living on for quite some time now. When she finds a group of tour companies on the island with plans to destroy her paradise home, Nim is left to take matters into her own hands. She begins communicating with the author of one of her favorite books through emails, and comes up with a way to save her island home once and for all.


Inkheart is the story of a bookbinder with unimaginable skills the likes of which surprise even his own daughter. You see whenever he tells a story, the characters in the story are amazingly transported into the real world. One night while telling his daughter a bedtime story, he is kidnapped by the villain in the story, and it is up to his daughter and her adventurous friends to save dad. Watch Inkheart to see if the book is closed on this story once and for all.

The Neverending Story

The Neverending Story is a tale that brings fantasy and reality together for one young boy named Bastian (Barret Oliver). After his mother suddenly dies, Bastian is left to deal with things alone with his father (Gerald McRaney). If that weren’t bad enough, Bastian is also forced to deal with the school bullies who want to jump him in the schoolyard. He decides to cut school one day and ducks into a nearby bookstore. It is in the attic of the bookstore that Bastian finds a book called “The Neverending Story” and this is where his adventure begins. The book tells the story of the child-like empress (Tami Stronach) of Fantasia, who is very sick, and who needs help if she is to survive. The empress dispatches a young warrior named Atreju (Noah Hathaway) who searches the land looking for a cure for the empress. What Atreju finds is that Fantasia is just as sick as the empress and is being consumed by a plague that will destroy the land if help isn’t found soon. Bastian gets so engrossed in his reading that he somehow finds himself literally drawn into the story. He is found by Atreju and the two begin a quest to save both Fantasia and the empress while putting Bastian’s life together in the process.

The Tale of Despareaux

Despareaux Tilling is a tiny mouse with a tremendously big heart and a destiny to match. Dor is a kingdom that is experiencing a string of bad luck in that it suffers a terrible accident that leaves the king heartbroken and the the townspeople in complete despair. This once bright and colorful kingdom is now a world darkened by misfortune, and this world is the world that Despareaux is born into. This brave little mouse learns all too quickly just how important it is follow the rules of the land as Despareaux is banished from Dor after breaking one of the kingdom’s many rules. It is while exploring the outer realms that Despareaux meets a kindhearted rat named Roscuro, who was also banished from his kingdom, and the two become traveling buddies immediately. Despareaux finds himself embarking on a quest to save Princess Pea, Roscuro finds himself in the middle of a self destructive phase in his life, and the unlikely pair find themselves in the middle of a battle against the vicious leader of the sewer rats. Watch The Tale of Despareaux and follow Despareaux and Roscuro as they come to terms with their extraordinary destinies and the part that they play in saving the land.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) is a young boy who finds out, on his 11th birthday, that he is the orphaned son a two very powerful wizards. He receives the message from Hagrid (Robbie Coltrane), a giant sent to rescue Harry from the uncle and aunt who have no interest in keeping him around. Harry is given an opportunity to attend Hogwarts, a school for the children of wizards, located in a magical realm just beyond the sight of normal humans. It is at Hogwarts that Harry learns the real reason behind his parent’s deaths. It is also at Hogwarts that Harry makes several amazing friends for life.


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