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Outdoor Movie event at an ice sakting rink

The winter months can be long and cold. Many of us simply stay inside while waiting for spring to arrive, but now there are several communities that have found a way to ward off that dreaded cabin fever. Why wait until summer to go outside and enjoy time with your family and friends? You can do it now with the help of a portable ice skating rink and an inflatable movie screen.

From coast to coast, many cities and downtown communities throughout the country are renting portable ice skating rinks. These rinks provide hours of family fun for all ages. Once they are set up, they instantly become a centerpiece for any city or tourist destination. People come from near and far to join in on the winter time fun.

Outdoor movies are no longer just for the summer time. Communities are using outdoor movie events to draw attention to their portable ice skating rinks. By doing this, they are creating a unique and memorable ice skating experience. The inflatable screen can be placed directly on the ice, or next to the rink, where everyone will have a good view of the featured presentation.

Recently Southern Outdoor Cinema traveled with their crew to South Carolina to create a winter film event experience. In the downtown business district, the screen was set up in front of the ice skating rink. The rink made a beautiful backdrop for the holiday movie they played. Best of all, this outdoor movie event drew attention to the town’s ice skating rink.

The evening of the event began with a showing of a much loved Christmas movie. Guests were able to sit in lawn chairs they brought from home or on the many stone walls and public benches found in this part of the downtown area. The event hosts decorated around the rink with greenery, wreaths, and Christmas trees with white lights. There was even an inflatable penguin next to the screen that waved “hello” to all who came. The decorations were a wonderful addition to the already festively decorated city.

All who came SOC Holiday Outdoor Movie On Icekept themselves warm with blankets and the hot chocolate that was being served. It was a terrific way to spend time with their neighbors and friends from the community as well as get out of the house for some winter time fun. After enjoying the movie, families were encouraged to stay and skate.

Guests of all ages had a fabulous time. The memories made at this outdoor movie event will last a lifetime. Every child there will grow up remembering the Christmas season when they watched a holiday movie under the stars and then went ice skating with all the people they love the most.


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Southern Outdoor Cinema of Atlanta, creates extraordinary outdoor movie events that captures
all the senses of their client’s audience while recreating the nostalgic feeling of a close-knit
community gathering.  For a free event consultation contact Southern Outdoor Cinema at



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Parent Movie Review – Dreamworks Home

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Upon review of the Dreamwork new animated film Home, one finds an interesting tale of a species called the Boov; small color-changing purplish-blueish aliens who invade Earth. This movie is rated PG for mild action and some rude humor. It is voiced by the talented Jim Parsons, Rhianna, Steve Martin, and Jennifer Lopez.

This movie begins with the Boov invasion; a non-violent relocation of humans by small bubble shaped spaceships filled with ball pits and ice cream cones. The humans are then sent to the continent of Australia where they find themselves in large cities, designed with every human comfort, while the Boov begin living in the human’s homes. The movie centers on an alien named Oh (Jim Parsons), who doesn’t conform to the other Boov standards, as well as their singular thinking and anti-fun ways.

In the movie, Oh makes the crucial mistake of sending out an email to the entire galaxy, (including their sworn enemy called the Gorg) inviting everyone to his house warming party. When Captain Smek (Steve Martin), the leader of the Boov finds out, Oh becomes a fugitive and begins to do what the Boov are best at – running away. He tries to escape punishment and in the process, runs into a teenage girl named Tip (Rhianna) and her cat named Pig. They too are attempting escape from the Boov to find Tip’s mother who was relocated during the invasion.

The trio have a marvelous adventure trying to find Tip’s Mom (Jennifer Lopez) and stopping Oh’ email from reaching the Gorg. Along the way, they explore many aspects of humanity that Oh was unfamiliar with including the complexity of human emotions and relationships. Oh learns what it means to be a friend and comes to the rescue at the end as the deadly Gorg arrive.

Positive Content

A huge theme in this movie is the complexity of emotions and how they affect decisions. Happiness, creativeness, and the strength of friendship are all positive aspects of this movie.

When the Boov express emotions, they do so by changing color; pink for happy, blue for sad, and green shows when they are lying. Emotional expression, as well as the changing colors of the Boov, will help children to see how certain events affect each character.

The story shows us how staying true to oneself pays off as those around Oh start to realize they judged and treated him harshly when he was different from everyone else. Individuality and creativeness are applauded in the end.

Violence Content

Although the invasion of the humans is peaceful, there are some violent moments, primarily between Oh and Tip. Tip has violent outbursts and constantly takes them out physically on Oh by kicking him. It takes a while for Oh to realize she is just expressing her emotions.

Oh and Tip are constantly being hunted by the Boov, who wish to obtain Oh’s email password and “erase” him. The Boov carry an alien type of weapon that is very destructive as seen used by the character Officer Kyle.

Captain Smek also uses his “Shusher”, a walking stick with an oval rock at the top, to smack Boov on the head who don’t agree with him – effectively “shushing” them.

Sexual Content

As Tip is hiding, a Boov comes to claim her house after the human relocation and she sets traps; some glitter here, some makeup there, and the Boov ends up looking like a sparkly street walker when the pranks are over.

There is some dancing done by Oh as Tip plays some human music and he cannot control his body. The mild booty shaking is more entertaining than anything.

Near the end of the movie, at Oh’s home welcome party, one of the Boov’s (presumably the one that Tip glamorized earlier in the movie) comes to the party with a bright pink bra on its head.

Drug and Alcohol Content

There is, what presumably looks to be, alcohol being served at Oh’s home welcome party at the end of the movie. There is also a “drunk” Boov laying on the floor at the party.

Although there is no drug content, there are several aspects where certain characters’ qualities affect other characters negatively.

Oh is caught lying to Tip several times in the movie – conveniently it is easy to tell when he lies as he turns bright green. Tip tries to teach him that friends don’t lie to each other.

Captain Smek is very abusive to his followers. The word “dumb” is used frequently and the other Boov are constantly putting Oh down and trying to escape his friendly advances.

The Boov motto is “it’s never too late to run away” and they live by this motto by not standing up for themselves or defending each other.

Captain Smek says controversial things like “the internet doesn’t lie” and encourages all his Boov followers to shun Oh because he is different and makes mistakes.


This movie shows witty and subtle humor that even parents can appreciate. Although there is some persecution based on differences and unique character qualities, the general moral of the story comes through pretty loud and clear by the end of the movie; friends stick together and don’t judge people too harshly. Even the movie’s baddie Captain Smek, is forgiven at the end by acting as DJ at the first Boov dance!

It is very touching how Oh is willing to sacrifice himself to save Tip, the other humans, and Boov from the Grog. He develops greatly as a character through the movie and ends up being a great hero figure in the end.

This movie displays positive family values as displayed with Tip and her Mom’s relationship. It enforces honesty, tolerance, courage, and dedication to friendships. This movie is a film that shows how differences can be overcome and uniqueness is nothing to be afraid of.

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About Paul B. Murray
Paul is founder of Southern Outdoor Cinema, an Atlanta outdoor movie equipment rental company for movie nights and a dad of 2 pre-teen girls. When he is not traveling the South creating outdoor movie nights for communities and schools, he is spending time playing board games, reading books and watching movies with his family

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Why Host A Movie Night At Church?

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Why Host A Movie Night at Church?


Southern Outdoor Cinema hosts family movie night at church.
Hosting a movie event in a church may sound like a strange idea to many people, but it actually makes a lot of sense. After all, movies tell a story. These stories can have a profound impact on how we feel, think, and behave. Jesus was a story teller. He told stories about the kingdom of God in order to communicate the truth about Himself. Still today, stories teach us valuable lessons, history, and the truth.

The stories found in today’s movies can challenge us to be better as well as inspire us. They motivate us, causing little boys to dream about growing up to be heroes. They teach little girls the value of living happily ever after. Many of these stories we’ve heard while sitting on our parents’ laps. Stories have the power to make us cry, and sometimes, they make us feel angry. Above all else, they help shape us, and they give us a way to express ourselves to others.

Today we rely on movies to tell our stories. The settings, plot, and characters make us laugh and cry. Movies, just like any story, motivate us to change ourselves along with the world around us. They can be quite powerful, and as part of a huge cultural phenomenon, we tend to spend large amounts of energy and time on them.

Since these films are the story tellers of today, why not have them in our churches? Faith based movies are an excellent way to increase your church’s growth by reaching out to those who might not visit otherwise. These movies can depict the greatest story ever told in a new, relatable way that everyone can appreciate. Faith based films offer a starting point for Bible studies and group discussions focused on the characters and the plot of a movie.

Hosting a movie event in your place of worship is a wonderful way to reach out to the community. Many people are more likely to go see a movie than attend a church service, but once they see a movie’s compelling preview, they’ll find themselves excited about entering your sanctuary. The movie offers these people the perfect reason for visiting a church. You’re opening your doors to them, providing the opportunity to share your beliefs and the gospel in a uniquely powerful way.

An Atlanta area church hosts a movie night in their sanctuary on Valentine’s Day each year. Southern Outdoor Cinema helps them transform their church into a theater setting by installing a portable cinema screen at the front of the sanctuary. Guests can set in the pews to view the movie. Faith based films are chosen for the feature presentation. The stories told by these movies offer those who are new to the church a way to start conversations. This has helped the church reach out to those within their community in a way they may otherwise not have been able to.


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Southern Outdoor Cinema of Atlanta, creates extraordinary outdoor movie events that captures
all the senses of their client’s audience while recreating the nostalgic feeling of a close-knit
community gathering.  For a free event consultation contact Southern Outdoor Cinema at

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Parent Movie Review – Hotel Transylvania 2

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Hotel Transylvania 2 was released in theaters on September 25, 2015 and has an overall B- review. The movie is also rated at PG because of scary images, rude humor, and action. The movie runs an hour and 30 minutes long and for most parents, including me, this movie just may be our only break.

Full Review Overall (B-)
Different cultured marriages have to make some pretty tough decisions; especially once children come along and you have to make the decision on who’s culture to teach. This is the exact case of Mavis the vampire and her husband Johnny, the human when their bouncing baby boy joins the family. They are still living in Mavis’s childhood home, at Hotel Transylvania (where the two met in the first movie), so little Dennis spends a lot of time with his grandpa Count Dracula, in which Dennis calls him Vandpa or Papa Drac. Following in her dad’s (over-protective) footsteps, Mavis goes through the castle and baby-proofs it by taking strict control of her son’s diet. This means he is not to eat any eyeballs, brains, insects, or anything else that is consumed by the hotel/castle residents. She also redefines the meaning of monsters by showing him videos of the stuffed puppet kinds. Her mothering methods, and the child being a spitting image of his father scares Dracula to think their is no vampire blood stirring around in the little boy’s veins.

Although it is well known fact (according to Hotel Transylvania) that the vampire children have until their 5th birthday to grow their fangs- which is still quite a few days away- Dracula decides to take matters into his own hands in order to speed up the process. Knowing that his son-in-law and daughter are considering relocating to Johnny’s California birthplace, the anxious grandpa pressures the young couple to go there for a few days to “make sure that is what they want to do”- even though he is pushing them away so that he will be able to work with his grandson, and teach him to be a vampire.

Sexual Content (B+)
Under-dressed female and shirtless male characters are shown roaming around, a male whom is dressed like a woman is also shown. Also, an invisible man has an invisible girlfriend, in which he kisses. Urination portrayals are shown and there are frequent potty humor jokes. Feminist remarks and sexual slang are also included in the movie.

Violence (B-)
This movie uses some scary images and creepy sounding music. Characters turn into creepy animals, such as bats, and to incorporate the ghoulish theme, the characters also eat and drink disgusting things (such as drinking blood and eating eyeballs, dead pigeons, insects, etc.), people with shrunk heads talk, torture is shown as “funny”, and body parts fall off. Along with the other violence, a character is hit in the groin, and a child’s tooth is knocked out when in a tussle with other young children. Violence that is based on humor includes explosions, falling, property damage, licking, hitting, and fire outbreaks- no “harm” is suggested. In the later scenes of the movie, small creatures are put up against an army of big ones, the violence is less funny now and danger/harm is shown. Also, a lullaby features creepy lyrics, characters seek out to kill and scare others, a child is thrown from a tower to learn to fly, and lastly a father lies to his child.

A special warning to the parents, as the movie progresses, the scares that are intended to be funny get more and more frightening. Assuming that your little ones are old enough to not be scared by the sensual costumes and the creepy creatures, they should have quite an amusing time on this second trip to the Hotel Transylvania.

Profanity (A-)
Surprisingly, unlike other movies, there is no profanity in this one and it also (mostly) stays away from sexual content as well.

Substance Use (A-)
The only alcohol use in the story line is social drinking, which is unusual in most children’s movies; there is usually some reference to drugs/tobacco.

Hotel Transylvania 2 is an overall great movie that includes a spectacular story line for the kids. I know that my children loved the movie, and I as a parent would defiantly let my children watch this movie again.


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Southern Outdoor Cinema of Atlanta, creates extraordinary outdoor movie events that captures
all the senses of their client’s audience while recreating the nostalgic feeling of a close-knit
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