It can be hard for young adults to meet other singles these days, especially if they are looking for a safe and wholesome environment in which to meet others their own age. Many people go to bars and nightclubs or resort to online dating sites to find a significant other, but recently a community church came up with a new alternative for those in their parish.

This church decided to host an outdoor movie event where the singles in their community could mingle with each other in an environment that was not only safe, it was fun. They had a huge inflatable movie screen set up on the church’s lawn with their building as the backdrop. A movie for young adult singles was selected as the main feature of the evening, and to get the event started off, the pastor spoke about how he had met his spouse at a special event at church.

Part of what made the outdoor movie event for singles such a success was the amount of people who came. Not only did this large church invite its own members, they asked singles from their four satellite churches to come as well. They also didn’t make it exclusively for the church members. Non-church members were included, and everyone was encouraged to bring a friend. Because it was only for singles in the community, there were no families with little children involved. This made it much easier for everyone who attended to mingle with others freely.

The movie started as the sun went down. The large group of singles who showed up for the event had brought blankets, pillows, and lawn chairs. Everyone was able to claim a spot on the church’s lawn where they could be comfortable, and the inflatable screen was big enough that everyone was able to find a good place for viewing the presentation. It became an entertaining way to sit back and relax on a warm evening with both new and old friends.

The hosts of this outdoor movie event for singles realized that it could be difficult to actually talk to others and meet new people while watching a movie, so they included many other activities. Before the feature film was scheduled to begin they had games such as corn hole set up, but it was the line dancing that stole the show. A huge group of people joined in as the music played. It was as fun to watch as it was to dance, and it turned out to be the perfect way to break the ice.

You can’t host a successful event without food. The church arranged to have plenty of food trucks come in and offer the guests a terrific way to get snacks and treats both before and during the movie. In keeping with the movie theater feel they also made sure that there was plenty of popcorn to go around. Many of the singles thought ahead and brought along picnic dinners to enjoy on the lawn of the church.

Social events are a great way to meet up with new people in the community. When a church decides to host an outdoor movie event they are providing their members a wonderful way to find other singles in their area while remaining safe. This church’s movie night event for young adults was a huge success, and hopefully many of those who attended can one day tell a story similar to their pastor’s about how they met their spouse at a special church event.

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