Community Viewing Party of High School Football Game

When the Northside High School football team won the National Championship game their hometown wanted to celebrate in a big way. They didn’t just want to congratulate the players. They wanted to include the cheerleaders and band as well and let the kids know how special and talented they are, a self-esteem boost they’ll carry throughout their lives. The solution was to have a viewing party of the winning game.

Chick-Fil-A supported the effort and celebrated with the local hometown high school football team who won this National Championship game by hosting the viewing party. They had a giant two story tall inflatable movie screen, provided by Southern Outdoor Cinema of Atlanta, placed in their parking lot where guests could see the game bigger than life. It provided a great way for friends and family to relive that exciting moment in time along with the kids. The players, cheerleaders, and band members got the thrill of seeing themselves up on the big screen just like professional athletes. Best of all, those who didn’t have an opportunity to go to the actual game were given a chance to share the winning moment with the students in a very special way.

The Booster Club set up a trailer in the parking lot to sell memorabilia items. Everyone grabbed up the commemorative shirts, and it wasn’t long before the entire crowd was sporting the school colors. The players were able to sign autographs for their fans just like the professional would. Both guests and players were left with a feeling of having participated in something very special and unique.

Football Game shown on outdoor movie screen.

Just before the big game was presented on the inflatable outdoor screen, the band performed a drum line. It truly added to the excitement of the event. People were soon settling in for the main attraction. The screen had been set up like a drive-in where families could watch from their cars. As you looked around you could see everyone settling in for the main attraction. Many friends and family members were able to set up lawn chairs while others sat in the back of their trucks in a tailgate fashion which added to the atmosphere of a championship game.

Drive-in inflatable movie screen

Everyone who attended knew exactly how the game would end, but it didn’t hinder the thrill of watching it. The locals, students, and their families totally enjoyed reliving each and every moment of such a wonderful experience. You could see the pride in the parent’s eyes as their children told their tales of how it felt to be national champions.

This celebration provided the town with a positive atmosphere where the players and cheerleaders could be treated like star athletes. As these talented students are preparing for their futures, this event encouraged them to continue with their hard work and dedication throughout life. They have learned teamwork skills that they can apply to many more aspects of their lives than just that winning national championship game. Chick-Fil-A, the Booster Club, and friends and family all saw this event as a huge success that was made even more memorable by watching the game on an outdoor inflatable screen.


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