‘Joyful Noise’ starring Dolly Parton Filmed in Georgia

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Joyful Noise filmed in Georgia

The musical drama-comedy, ‘Joyful Noise’ starring Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton, is a film about two strong-minded women who find themselves having to work together in order to save their small-town choir from getting shutdown after budget cuts. The movie’s filmmakers took to several Georgia locations to create the fictional town of Pacashau, GA where the film is set in.

In Newnan, Georgia, one of the homes in the Cole Town historic district on East Broad street was used in the film. It was the Landrum-Blackburn home that was used in one of the scenes, and it was built around 1905 for R.D. Cole Jr, who was the President of Cole Manufacturing. Many of the homes in the Cole Town historic district were built for the members of the R.C. Cole family or for the officials at the nearby manufacturing facility. During the filming on East Broad Street, the area did have to be blocked off. A portion of Thompson Street and Wall Street also had to be shut down for a short time during a scene being filmed that featured one of the characters hitchhiking down the street.

At the Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheatre on McIntosh Trail in Peachtree City in 2011, the crew of ‘Joyful Noise’ prepared the area for one of the film’s scenes. The Amphitheatre, known as The Fred, is one of the leading outdoor entertainment venues in metro Atlanta. For the film, The Fred was transformed with an addition to the stage area, driving trailers and tents for the cast and crew, and new decorations. The scene involved around 1,600 extras, many of whom were brought in through newspaper advertisements and by reaching out to area churches. Most of the extras were on set to play the audience members during a choir competition scene of the film.

Many places in and around Atlanta were also featured in the film, though not all of them by their original name. The Bethany United Methodist Church on 607 Rivers Road in Fayetteville was used as the fictional Pacashau Divinty Church in the film. Howard’s Deli restaurant at 652 Concord Road in SE Smyrna was featured during a heated scene between the two main characters. A quarry that is seen towards the beginning of the film is actually Bellwood Quarry that is on the west side of Atlanta. Also, the film’s big finale takes place at the Atlanta Civic Center at 395 Piedmont Avenue on the northeast side of downtown.

Hundreds of films have been filmed in Georgia over the past few years. It is estimated that since 2007, a billion dollars has been added to the state’s economy from movie making alone.

‘Joyful Noise’ was released in theaters in January 2012 and is currently available on Blu-ray and DVD.

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4 Movies Made From Dr. Seuss Books

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Movies that were made from Dr. Suess Books Dr. Seuss was an actual American writer, poet, and cartoonist named Theodor Seuss Geisel who lived from March 2, 1904 to September 24, 1991. Although he used his pen name Dr. Theophrastus Seuss in his children’s book writing through his college years, his books were more popularly known as the “Dr. Seuss” books. There are a total of 46 “Dr. Seuss” books published today but a few of his more celebrated bestsellers would have to be books such as Green Eggs and Ham, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, Fox in Socks, The King’s Stilts, and the following Dr. Seuss books turned movies listed and described below. Watching them would be a great way to celebrate Dr Seuss’ birthday.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Jim Carrey plays one of the best roles of his entire acting career in the Christmas Classic, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. If there is one thing that the Grinch doesn’t like, it’s anything and everything that has to do with the happiness and giving spirit behind the Christmas season in Whoville. He wasn’t always the mean, selfish, unhappy person who he has become. In fact, he was actually born in Whoville years ago but was treated like an outsider simply because he looked different and so he left whoville and moved to the top of Mt. Crumpet to live a lonely, bitter life with his dog Max. His days are typically spent looking down on the residents of Whoville, watching as they prepare for their joyous holiday. But the Grinch has finally had enough and his mission is simple. He will steal everything in Whoville that has anything to do with Christmas. Presents, decorations, the Christmas tree, and anything else that represents the joyous Christmas holiday must go, and the Grinch will be the one to steal them.

The Cat in the Hat

“The Cat in the Hat” is the second Dr. Seuss book turned movie to be made, and it was a wonderful story to use when following the amazing “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”. Mike Myers plays the mischievous Cat who visits Conrad and Sally Walden while their mother is away at work one day, but he doesn’t come alone. Along with his entourage of quirky characters, the Cat takes the brother/sister duo on an adventure they will not soon forget.

Horton Hears a Who

What would you do if there were a microscopic world so tiny that it fit on a spec k of dust, and you were the only one who could hear its residents cries for help? Well this is the life that Horton the elephant lives due to the fact that his hearing is so incredibly sensitive. This wouldn’t be a problem except for the fact that Horton must make his friends believe that the Whos really exist, and that they really do need help. The Whos are finally able to figure out a way to be heard by Horton’s friends, and just in the nick of time.

The Lorax

“The Lorax” is the Dr. Seuss classic that brings a boy and his dreams of winning the heart of the girl he loves together with the one thing that can possibly keep his hope alive. “The Lorax” is a tale of a creature that lives deep in the forest whose job it is to fight for the safety of the world. This creature, although a grumpy character, is said to have the ability to bring hope to those situations that seem hopeless. But is this creature simply a story passed down from generation to generation, or is he really the one thing that can bring hope to a boy in desperate need of love. The boy’s only mission is to find out the truth and so his journey begins.

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Movies Filmed in Georgia: ‘The Odd Life of Timothy Green’

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The Odd Life of Timothy Green Filmed in Georgia

‘The Odd Life of Timothy Green’ is a 2012 film starring Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton. The film follows the story of a couple (played by Garner and Edgerton) who discover they cannot have children and decide to write down all of their wishes of what their child would have been like and put those notes in a box that they then bury in their backyard. After a thunderstorm occurs, a 10-year-old boy, Timothy, appears at their door claiming to be their child. It doesn’t take long for them to realize that Timothy is more than just a child, and he ends up changing the lives of many throughout the town. The movie’s story was developed by Ahmet Zappa who is the son of legendary guitarist, Frank Zappa, and was adapted into a screenplay by the director, Peter Hedges. ‘The Odd Life of Timothy Green’ was filmed in several locations in Georgia. Georgia was picked for the majority of filming due to being able to get an autumnal feel, which the script called for, even when filming during the winter months as well as due to the tax incentives offered by the state.

The film spent several months filming in and around metro Atlanta. A film stage in Atlanta is where the set of the interior of the main characters’ home was built. In Rex, which is 15 miles south of Atlanta, two of the homes in Druid Hills were used for exterior and interior scenes that stood in for the home of the sister-in-law of Jennifer Garner’s character, played by Rosemarie DeWitt. In Canton, north of Atlanta, the Cherokee Arts Center was used to portray the Town Hall for the fictional town of Stanleyville in the film. In Newnan, southwest of Atlanta, in the Greenville-LaGrange Historical District, the Parrott Camp-Trammell house at 155 Greenville Street had several scenes shot there. Greenville Street had to be shut down intermittently during the filming, which did cause some traffic problems. Also, in Newborn, northeast of Atlanta, a house exterior set for the film was built on Broughton Street.

Other Georgia filming locations for ‘The Odd Life of Timothy Green’ included downtown Dawson that was transformed to look like the film’s fictional Stanleyville, the tree-lined Society Street in Albany, and the Birmingham United Methodist Church in Alpharetta. The Stanleyville pencil factory that is part of one of the film’s central stories, was created inside an abandoned textile factory in Monroe. In Decatur, the well-known nursery owned by the internationally-known gardener, Ryan Gainey, was used for scenes that involved the main characters visiting their local botanist.

‘The Odd Life of Timothy Green’ wrapped up filming in January of 2011 and was released in theaters in August of 2012. It is currently available on Blu-ray and DVD.


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Parent Movie Review – The Lego Movie | Southern Outdoor Cinema

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Parent Movie View: The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie – Parent Movie Review by Southern Outdoor Cinema

GENRE: Animated / Children

The Lego Movie surrounds two distinctly different characters in particular, Emmet and Lucy (otherwise known as Wyldstyle throughout the movie). Emmet is your less than average nobody, living your less than average life. Other than his average job constructing average buildings around town, Emmet is simply not worth noticing. In fact, there isn’t a single co-worker, of Emmet’s, who would remember his name.

Then there is Lucy, your above average master builder with a talent for snapping together anything that she sets her mind on building. She is beautiful, is known by everyone she is around from day to day, and is even on a secret mission searching for someone called the Special (otherwise known as the most important person in the entire universe). There is absolutely nothing average about Lucy, and Emmet finds this out when he sees her digging through the debris at his job one day.

Parent Movie View - The Lego Movie by Southern Outdoor Cinema

After stumbling over his own two feet, as usual, Emmmet and Lucy meet. Emmet finds himself completely awe-struck, while Lucy believes that she has finally found the person that she has been looking for, the Special. That’s right! Lucy is under the impression that Emmet is not just your above average individual, but that Emmet is actually this “Special” person that she has been searching for all this time. This leaves Emmet completely confused, which he has actually gotten quite used to.

While Emmet’s first instinct is to inform Lucy that he is nothing like the Special person that she is looking for, he finds himself playing the part of the Special just so that he can talk to Lucy. Emmet finds himself traveling with Lucy to visit a man, with a white beard, who has wizard-like powers named Vitruvius. At first glance, Vitruvius believes that Emmet is the Special as well. Lucy and Vitruvius tell Emmet a story that involves President Business, and the soon coming destruction of the entire world in just three days. They also tell Emmet that President Business is somehow connected to something called the Kragle, that is actually a very ancient relic of some kind.

Emmet finds himself intrigued by the story, and although it, at first, seems a bit out of the ordinary, he feels drawn to believe it. If there are people who think that he is Special, and above average, than Emmet is going to do whatever it takes to live up to the name. This brings Emmet a new hope, as well as a new focus in life, that puts him on a journey that he will not soon forget.

Positive Elements

There is an ongoing, and very distinct, theme throughout the movie that puts a strong emphasis on focusing on those things about a person that makes them special. It draws on the belief that we all have something about us that makes us extraordinary, and that if we just believe in, and work on, that ability, we are special. This is what changes Emmet’s life as the movie progresses.

Emmet acts on what Lucy and Vitruvius believe him to be, and it is that act of faith that brings out the Special in him. It takes him hearing someone tell him that he is Special, for Emmet to begin believing that he is Special, but if that’s what it takes to believe in yourelf, than that’s what it takes. Emmet takes his Special abilities one step further and decides that he is willing to sacrifice himself if it means that he can save everyone around him.

The master builders are typically a “behind the scenes” group of amazing block builders, who work alone rather than as a team. They eventually learn that it is their combined efforts that can save the world and they begin working together as a unified team. They even go as far as to stand up against the powerful evil, making sacrifices for one another that they would never have made in the past.

Spiritual Elements

A Q-tip, a tube of crazy glue and even a Band-Aid are all mistaken for relics with special powers. These relics are revered by the people in Lego world simply because they don’t realize that these “so-called” relics are just items that have been thrown away by people in the real world. The cap off of the crazy glue bottle turns out to be the Kragle that Vitruvius prophesied about, and that Emmet received a vision, about the “Man Upstairs”, from after touching it. Vitruvius is eventually killed, but doesn’t stay dead as he returns in the form of a plastic ghost hanging from a string.

We come to understand that the entire Lego world, and all of its blocky parts, is actually the creation of a real boy and his Lego set. The additional references that are made about the “Man Upstairs” turn out to be the boy’s father who gave the boy several warnings about playing with the complicated Lego set in the first place.

Violent Elements

The violent content is actually quite extensive, with the only difference being that it is all fantasized to look better than it actually is. There are constant scenes of violent content including several gunfights and fistfights, the destruction of an entire fantasy land, horsemen literally exploding as they ride off of cliffs, and several crazy traffic smash-ups. The only reason that it doesn’t look as bad as it really is, is because that the entire movie surrounds plastic block creations. There isn’t a single aspect of the violence that isn’t made to look like the Lego fantasy that it is, which easily minimizes the negative outlook on violence altogether.

Sexual Elements

The only implication, of anything of a sexual nature, is that of Emmet and Lucy holding hands after it becomes evident that they like each other quite a bit.

Drug and Alcohol Elements

Although they never do get to the bar after-all, several of Emmet’s co-workers discuss meeting at a sports bar when work is over one day.


There is nothing more enjoyable for kids than being able to use their imaginations while playing with toys like the Lego sets these days. The Lego Movie gives children a deeper look into the possibilities of what our imaginations can truly accomplish when we just set our minds to it. It also gives parents a birds-eye view at what children might really be thinking when they pull out that Lego set and lay the pieces out all over the carpet.

The on-going theme seems to be one of a belief in oneself, as well as the importance of allowing one’s imagination to raise our level of creativity, thus raising our overall possibilities in life. The presence of an enormous amount of mildly abrasive comments (such as “what the heck”, “darn” and “dang”) are easily overlooked due to the story-line and block-like figures that they are coming from.

The overall theme of the movie is what makes it very appealing to parents. Learning to use our imaginations is definitely a wonderful thing, and learning to work together to accomplish bigger, and more complicated things, is always better than working alone. The Lego Movie could easily be considered a “must see” for children, and the child at heart.


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Daytona 500: 4 Movies About Driving Fast

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Movies about driving fast

The Daytona 500 dates all the way back to 1959 and is one of four Restrictor Plate races that are held at the Daytona International Speedway located in Daytona Beach, Florida. It is a 500 mile long race that falls under the Nascar Sprint Cup Series that is held each year. It is also typically the race that opens up the season of Cup Series races.

There are several amazing movies that you can watch that will quickly get you in the mood for the Daytona 500 and here are a few of the favorites:

Herbie Fully Loaded

Herbie is back and he is as wacky as he has ever been in the newest of his movies, “Herbie Fully Loaded”. Lindsay Lohan plays Maggie Peyton, a teenager who simply loves car racing and one who comes from a family of car racing fanatics. Maggie’s father, Ray Peyton Sr. (Michael Keaton) is a stock car driver who is struggling to keep it together on the race track. Maggie’s birthday is soon approaching and Ray decides to take her to a nearby salvage yard so that she can pick a car out for her present. She is somehow drawn to a 1963 Volkswagen that is far from pleasing to the eye, but she takes it home regardless of its less than appealing looks. One thing leads to another and Herbie is back on the tracks, but this time he is in it to win it for sure.


The movie “Cars” is an adrenaline filled, car racing thrill ride centered around a rookie race car with the heart of a pro. Lightning McQueen has a “foot to the pedal” and a “rubber to the road” kind of attitude which is exactly what it will take to get him to California in time to compete in the next Piston Cup Championship race. While on his way to California, Lightning decides to take a little detour through the town of Radiator Springs, and finds out all too quickly just how slow moving this little town can be. One thing leads to another and soon Lightning finds himself wondering if he will make it to California at all. He does however manage to befriend several of the town’s residents including Sally the Porsche, Mater the Tow Truck, and Doc Hudson which leaves him wondering if a one-time car race is more important than friendships that will last forever.

The Fast and the Furious

Extreme car racing meets hijacking heists in this pedal-to-the-medal thrill ride starring Paul Walker and Vin Diesel as Brian O’Conner and Dominic Toretto, the world’s fastest car racers. Walker plays a young FBI agent who is tasked with the job of investigating several hijackings by joining a car racing street gang as part of an undercover sting. Toretto plays the leader of the same street gang that Walker joins and is tasked to investigate. Walker soon finds himself sympathizing with Toretto and falls in love with his sister Mia, while Toretto remains in what can only be described as a forbidden romance with his girlfriend Letty. Meanwhile, everything seems to be falling apart and things begin to complicate quickly in this fast paced, edge of your seat thriller that is “The Fast and the Furious”.

Smokey and the Bandit

So we have our final movie called “Smokey and the Bandit” which is a true classic and a definite “must see” if you have never seen it before. There is “Smokey” (Jackie Gleason) who is otherwise known as Sheriff Buford T. Justice, and then there is “The Bandit” (Burt Reynolds) who is a veteran race car driver who seems to constantly find the Sheriff on his tail. Finding himself bored and with nothing better to do, Reynolds decides to transport a shipment of Coors beer all the way to Atlanta from where he is in Texas, and decides that he will do it in 28 hours flat. Reynolds is so sure that he can accomplish the task that he makes an $80,000.00 bet that he will. The only problem with this whole scenario is that it was illegal back in 1977 to sell Coors beer east of the Mississippi river if you didn’t have a permit, and it just so happens that Reynolds didn’t have one. “Smokey and the Bandit” brings a little bit of romance, a reasonable amount of humor, and a whole lot of fast car driving to one of the best car racing movies of all time.

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