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Posted by Paul Murray on Wednesday Nov 27, 2013 Under Parent Movie Reviews

Free Birds - Parent Movie Review

FREE BIRDS – Parent Movie Review by Southern Outdoor Cinema

GENRE: Animated
CAST:Woody Harrelson, Amy Poehler, Owen Wilson

Turkey and pumpkin pie are things that we have grown naturally accustomed to enjoying on Thanksgiving but for Reggie, changing history has become his mission.

For those who have not yet had the opportunity to see the movie Free Birds, Reggie (Owen Wilson) is a very intelligent, loner turkey whose sole purpose in life is to get turkeys off of the Thanksgiving menu. He tries everything to get his fellow turkeys to understand that their constant all-you-can-eat buffets are not because they are special but rather because they are being fattened up for Thanksgiving. You see, the entire turkey population has been led to believe that once they have eaten their fill, and are nice and plump, they get to go to turkey paradise.

In the midst of it all, something strange happens to Reggie and he is removed from the flock by the presidents daughter. To Reggie’s surprise, he ends up with the “traditional pardon of the turkey” which is given to a single turkey each year. He is spoiled with cable TV and more pizza than he knows what to do with but the party comes to a sudden end. Reggie is grabbed by a bulky bird by the name of Jake (Woody Harrelson) who attempts to convince him that he is actually part of an organization called Turkey Freedom Front or TFF for short.

Jake goes on to explain that he has been commissioned by someone called “The Great Turkey” to lead an important mission back in time. That’s right, the mission is to travel to the time when turkeys first became the main course on the Thanksgiving dinner table and change history at all costs. This mission would involve pilgrim colonists and a tribe of Native American yes, turkeys.

At this point, Reggie is having trouble believing Jake’s feather brained scheme but soon realizes that it is no scheme at all. He stumbles onto a secret elevator that leads to a military complex located deep underground and wouldn’t you know it, a time machine. Confused, Reggie is forced to take a much closer look at Jake’s plans and inevitably ends up rethinking his current take on the so called history changing mission.

The Positive Elements
Throughout the majority of the movie, the story line remains the same. Reggie wants nothing more than to save his fellow turkeys from their Thanksgiving fate while Jake, who shares this desire, has the ability to do something about it. Their goals are the same and they work hard at bringing a tribe of turkeys together to assist with the mission.

The tribe of turkeys that Reggie and Jake encounter are a peaceful tribe who believe in defending, protecting, and surviving rather than fighting. While this might be a very positive position, it is one that is soon put to the test; a test that quickly changes their entire belief system.

The Spiritual Elements
The time machine that Reggie and Jake use to change history is referenced, more than once during the movie, in a way that could be construed as anti-spiritual. There is one point where Reggie uses the egg-shaped craft to convince humankind that he is actually a “god-like” deity. There is another point where the craft is referred to as a form of magic. And there is a comment made by Reggie’s fellow turkeys, in the beginning of the movie, insinuating that Reggie could very well be the “anticorn”.

The Sexual Elements
Reggie ends up falling for a female member of the colonial turkey tribe named Jenny. Jenny (Amy Poehler) begins to fall for Reggie’s intelligence, and kind heart, despite his lack of good, turkey looks. Together, they end up “rubbing waddles” which can be taken in a very sexual way. An off-screen kiss is clearly heard after “rubbing waddles” was referenced.

The Violent Elements
The biggest element of violence is in the impending war that takes place between the human colonists and the turkey tribe. As with any war scene, there are numerous acts of violence and weapons to make it even more realistic. The turkeys take quite a beating but do eventually recover and make a comeback. During this comeback, flaming pumpkins are catapulted at the heads of the humans.

The Drug and Alcohol Elements
While many might debate whether or not cigarettes are actually a drug, or not, is not the issue. What is the issue is that Standish, one of the colonists, appears several times throughout the movie with a cigarette in his mouth.

The Conclusion
There are a number of additional elements that play into the movie Free Birds and parents will make their own decisions as to whether or not to take their children to see it at all. There will more than likely be numerous innocent, childlike questions following a movie like this and how these questions are answered might very well be much more important than we realize. The bottom line is that Free Birds is indeed the Thanksgiving movie of 2013 however, the question is how does it tie into what we want our children to take from Thanksgiving, and its true meaning, this year.

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Kids Outdoor “Star Wars” Movie Party Is Out Of This World

Posted by Paul Murray on Tuesday Nov 19, 2013 Under Event Productions

Outdoor movie, inflatable movie screen, movies in the park, movie night rental, atlanta, georgia

Create the ultimate cinema experience in your own backyard that your kids, friends and neighbors will talk about for years to come with a “Star Wars” outdoor-themed movie party. As the excitement builds for 2015′s release of “Star Wars: Episode VII,” fans both young and old are finding new ways to get in on the galactic action now.

If your child has asked for this type of party for his or her birthday or other celebration, there are a variety of activities and fun ideas that can help recreate life as a Jedi knight or Stormtrooper.

Atlanta backyard Star Wars movie party

Jedi training: Children can dress up and receive instructions on being a Jedi knight

Star Wars movie snacks at outdoor movie

Outdoor cinema in backyard for Star Wars Party

“Star Wars”-themed concessions: Create treats such as Vader-ale and “May the S’mores Be With You.” Molded candy chocolates of the movie’s top characters is also a great treat!

Star Wars Birthday Party with Inflatable movie screen

Stormtrooper masks: Kids can create their own Stormtrooper mask with paper plates and black markers

Finally, the highlight of an outdoor movie party is, of course, the film. With “Star Wars,” you have six episodes from which to choose. You probably won’t be able to show all of them in one night, but you can show the guests’ favorites. Whatever you decide, an outdoor movie night on an inflatable movie screen is the best way to present the film.

Don’t forget: Movie nights are that much more fun when you add a theme to them. Both kids and adults can get dressed up and be a part of whatever movie you are showing!

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Southern Outdoor Cinema, LLC, is the LARGEST producer of high quality outdoor movie events in the United States for movie studios, film festivals, marketing agencies, Fortune 500 Companies, schools and cities. Southern Outdoor Cinema produces extraordinary outdoor movie experiences with big screens and bright and colorful images so that your audience members feel like they are at a real Hollywood film premiere. Contact Southern Outdoor Cinema to receive a free consultation for your next special event.

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“Fast and Furious 7″ filming in Atlanta Nov 18-25

Posted by Paul Murray on Monday Nov 18, 2013 Under Georgia Film Industry

Fast and Furious 7 filming in Atlanta

Fast and Furious fans who live in Atlanta will be happy to know that Fast and Furious 7 is currently filming there. Stars acting in the film have already been spotted around town, saying that they have been received with open arms. Lucky fans in the area may be able to see them, during their off hours.

Fast and Furious 7 expands on the story of Fast and furious 6, after Owen Shaw and his gang are dead. Dominic, played by Vin Diesel, and Brian, played by Paul Walker, are finally able to return to America and a normal life. But Owen’s brother has other plans for them, namely revenge. Will the crew be able to stop him?

Production for this film began in April 2013, with James Wan chosen as the new director. The previous director left due to scheduling conflict. The script was once again written by Morgan, and it is being produced by Moritz.

Earlier in the fall, production crews filmed at the Fort Gillem site south of Atlanta, the OFS industrial facility north of Atlanta, downtown Atlanta and the Oakland Cemetery. A second production crew filmed some scenes on the Pikes Peak Highway in Colorado. In October casting calls “hot, hip and trendy cool types” of all ethnicities between the ages of 18 and 45 took place in Gwinnett County.

Last week, Nov 5-7. the city of Stockbridge in Henry County issued road closing to allow for the studios crew to shoot on Reeves Parkway and Rum Creek Parkway off Rock Quarry Road. There are scheduled street closures in downtown Atlanta on November 18 and November 25, to allow filming for Fast and Furious 7 to take place. The police will be on hand to help direct the flow of traffic. There will be simulated gunfire and explosions, in keeping with the action of previous Fast and Furious movies. Citizens are advised to keep up with announcements, as there are several sites the movie producers are planning to use. The full list of sites has not been released.

This movie is only the latest in a long line of movies to grace Atlanta. Just recently the new Hunger Games movie filmed there. Other notable pictures include Remember the Titans, Child’s Play 3, and House of Payne. Even Fast and Furious 5 was filmed in Atlanta, which is why everyone involved in Fast and Furious 7 were particularly excited about returning there. In fact, Atlanta is sometimes called the movie making capital of the south, and the local film industry seems to be growing rapidly. When this movie comes out, fans from Atlanta and Colorado will have fun guessing which scenes were filmed in their areas.

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Barns Provide Unique Venue For Outdoor Movies In Winter

Posted by Paul Murray on Tuesday Nov 12, 2013 Under Event Productions

A rustic barn in Charlotte NC  provides the perfect venue for a community outdoor movie night.

Barn weddings are the current trend for brides wanting to have a rustic style wedding. But have you ever thought of using a barn as the venue of a special movie event in your community?

Rustic Ambiance
Barns make the perfect setting for community movie night. In late fall and winter, the sun sets really early in the evening and by the nature of a barn, it is usually dark. Accented with dark corners with small lights adds to the charm of barn as a venue for a film night.

A silent inflatable movie screen setup inside a barn

Winter Cinema
When temperatures get a bit chilly outdoors to show movies, a venue like a barn can provide for warm alternative while keeping the great outdoors feel to your event. Space heaters and propane heating lamps will help make any vintage barn a bit more cozier. Provide guests with blankets, shawls and scarfs and your movie goers can bundle up to enjoy the movie presentation.

Vintage barn doubles as indoor movie theater in the winter.

Create a special movie event by hosting movie night in a barn.

Memorable Outdoor Movie Experience
Turning a vintage barn into movie theater is going to be one of those experience that your guests will remember for a lifetime. Your kids are packed into the car. You drive along the gravel load in the pasture, passing cows grazing on the grass to arrive at an old wooden barn. Kids bundled in their coats with hats and mittens on don’t know what to expect inside. Maybe a farmer once had housed horses or a pigs inside. As they enter through the giant barn doors, they are greeted with a giant inflatable movie screen. Their eyes light up. Who would expect modern cinema technology in the middle of the old farm barn for a movie night.

A barn provides for an unique venue for outdoor movies during the winter.

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About Southern Outdoor Cinema

Southern Outdoor Cinema, LLC, is the LARGEST producer of high quality outdoor movie events in the United States for movie studios, film festivals, marketing agencies, Fortune 500 Companies, schools and cities. Southern Outdoor Cinema produces extraordinary outdoor movie experiences with big screens and bright and colorful images so that your audience members feel like they are at a real Hollywood film premiere. Contact Southern Outdoor Cinema to receive a free consultation for your next special event.

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