5 Movie Parents We Would Love to Have

Posted by Paul Murray on Monday Jul 29, 2013 Under Movie Articles

Sky High - The Strongholds

Good movies draw you into the story line and make you feel connected to the characters. Often, viewers will identify with some of the characters and perhaps feel like they know or wish they could get to know some of the characters in real life. With National Parents Day coming up on July 31st, let’s take a look at 5 movie parents we might like to have.

1.) Steve and Josie Stronghold from Sky High
Steve and Josie Stronghold, also known as The Commander and Jetstream, from “Sky High”. Who wouldn’t love to find out that their parents are powerful super heroes and they will be following in their super parents’ footsteps by attending Sky High, a special school for the children of Super Heroes? Life would certainly be interesting with famous super hero parents.

2.) Bob and Helen Parr from The Incredibles
In “The Incredibles” we find out that the seemingly normal Bob and Helen are in fact super heroes with three children that end up discovering their own super powers. Bob and Helen, also known as Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl, are super parents as much as they are super heroes. Bob and Helen are fun and they show their love for their children as they support them and help them discover who they are, and there is definitely something super about that.

3.) George and Nina Banks from Father of the Bride
“Father of the Bride” is all about the relationship between a father and a daughter as he struggles with letting her go as she grows up, but both of the parents in this movie are fun to watch. George and Nina Banks are the type of parents many would like to have. They clearly love each other and are funny together, and they both love their daughter and have her best interests at heart.

4.) Daniel Hillard from Mrs. Doubtfire
In Mrs. Doubtfire, Daniel Hillard, played by actor and comedian Robin Williams, shows us how far a loving father will go to be with his children and do what is best for them. A father who puts his children first and keeps you laughing along the way is one most would love to have.

5.)Tom and Kate Baker from Cheaper by the Dozen
In “Cheaper By the Dozen” we watch a family struggle with the decisions the parents make to pursue dreams that they think will benefit the family. Tom and Kate Baker and their twelve children keep us laughing as they discover what is means to put family first. Tom entertains us as he struggles to keep control of their many children while Kate is traveling on a book tour. Both Tom and Kate are fun parents who show us by the end that their children are their top priority.

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Avoid A Four-Legged Fiasco & Other Movie Event Flubs

Posted by Paul Murray on Wednesday Jul 24, 2013 Under Event Productions, Tips

Pets at outdoor movie events Don’t let Fido and friends cause an outdoor movie fiasco.

Forgetting the details can cause a big problem for movie events, particularly when they are held outdoors.

Learn from the cautionary tale of the Fulton River Park movie series in Chicago. Dog feces has become such a problem at the park, not only were movie attendees offended, so were the event sponsors. In fact, one of them pulled their advertising and the movie series had to be cut back.

Leash law enforcement at this park has been lax, and it is turning people away from the park. This in turn means lack of funding for the movie series’ event planners. It’s the worst possible scenario for a problem that may have been avoided.

Heed the following do’s and don’ts about the details in your movie event planning.

Before Booking the Venue

Do some research! Check for reviews, news stories (like the unfortunate one in Chicago), anything you can find. If the particular venue or its owners have been investigated before or have been the defendants in a lawsuit, these are red flags.

Don’t forget about safety. What is the crime rate like near these venues? Most newspapers and local law enforcement agencies provide a report of crimes happening in the area. Consider alternative venues if anything seems suspicious.

Do ask around. Contact the planners of other events at the venue and ask about their experiences. Some venues may offer references before booking.

After Booking the Venue

Don’t skim over the fine print. Reading the contract terms, rules and regulations (such as leash laws!) several times is another important factor before the movie event begins. Do not miss a single detail and ask as many questions as possible.  Write down any questions or concerns and make notes as they are addressed.

Do remember to keep everyone abreast of the details. If vendors or advertisers involved, go over your findings with them or have representatives do a walkthrough (more on that later). If Southern Outdoor Cinema has used the venue before, we would be happy to give you tips on what to expect.

Do a site visit and a run-through of the event. Depending on the movie event, more than one walkthrough may be required. Check to see if the area is well lit, and there is nothing obstructing the view. The Fulton River Park movie series folks had to move trees so folks could see the movie. This is something that can be avoided if planned in advance.

Before the Event

Don’t forget to check the weather. It’s not just about checking for rain! Make sure the temperature and humidity will be comfortable for guests. If it’s going to be a scorcher, make plans to provide refreshments such as bottled water or a sno-cone machine.

Do provide back-up plans well in advance of the event. Utilize social media and on-site volunteers to make sure everything goes smoothly.

After the Event

Do leave the area better than you found it. That’s a mantra for any situation involving the clean-up process. This will please your guests, those in charge of the venue and your sponsors.

Do not forget to include everyone in future planning. The Fulton River Park folks may have benefited from polling their guests and sponsors every year after the event. If dog feces was a recurring problem, changes could have been made, and they would still have their movie series intact.

What are some other details to remember when planning an outdoor movie event? Let us know in the comments.

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3 Things To Consider When Picking A Movie For An Outdoor Movie Event

Posted by Paul Murray on Monday Jul 22, 2013 Under Tips

Movie Projector You want to host an an outdoor movie event that will attract along of guests. Choosing the wrong film and movie goers will not show up at your event making it your special event a flop. Here are three things you must consider when picking a movie for your next outdoor movie event:

1. Know The Rating of the Film
When it is time to pick a movie for your outdoor movie event, you should have determined what demographic you are catering to. Is your event for families, adult couples or teenagers? When picking a title to show, consider the rating system by the Motion Picture Association of America or MPAA helps provide advance information about the content of movies.

The current Movie Rating System includes:

G:General Audiences. All Ages Admitted. A G-rated motion picture contains nothing in theme, language, nudity, sex, violence or other matters that, in the view of the Rating Board, would offend parents with young childen

PG — Parental Guidance Suggested. Some Material May Not Be Suitable For Children.

PG-13 — Parents Strongly Cautioned. PG-13 — Parents Strongly Cautioned. Some Material May Be Inappropriate For Children Under 13

R: Signifies that the rating board has concluded that the film rated may contain some adult material.

Prior to 1984, the MPAA did not have a PG-13 rating to choose from. Films that were given a PG rate in the 19070′s and early 1980′s such as Jaws Gremlins and Raiders of the Lost Ark, would be labeled with a PG-13 by today’s standards.

2. Know The Length Of The Movie To Be Shown
Most DVD boxes today state the running time of the movie. The running of the credits are included in the run time so you can subtract 5 minutes off for that. During summer outdoor movie events, when the days are long, movies may not get started until 9pm by most equipment provider. A movie with a runtime of 2 or more hours will have your guests and staff staying at the venue until a late time. In towns and cities with sound ordinances, a long film may violate your local government’s restrictions.

3. Know The Image Quality Of the Movie
Preview the movie you want to show at your open air event. Is it bright and colorful or dark and filled with night scenes? A film that had dark imagry such as the latest Harry Potter or The Dark night films use filters to create a dreary effect. Most outdoor equipment rental companies will not have the right equipment to display a dark film so that it can be seen well on the inflatable movie screen.

For these reasons, I would recommend that you work with a professional outdoor movie equipment provider and not a company that adds-on movie screen rentals to their existing services such as a dj or bounce house business. Professionals that specialize in outdoor movie event productions will be familiar with movies and their content which will contribute to your event’s success.

Now, if you are looking to host an outdoor movie event in the South that is stress-free to organize and will be a big hit, contact Southern Outdoor Cinema of Atlanta. At Southern Outdoor Cinema, we don’t just rent movie screen equipment, but instead we share nearly a decade of movie event experience to help our clients produce outdoor movie nights that are extraordinary. You can find us on the web at www.SouthernOutdoorCinema.com

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Filmed in Georgia: Smokey And The Bandit

Posted by Paul Murray on Thursday Jul 18, 2013 Under Georgia Film Industry

Smokey and the Bandit

Over the past few years, people all across the country suffered with problems like unemployment and declining home values. Small towns are often hit particularly hard when it comes to unemployment and other economic issues. Clayton County Georgia is one of these small towns. Recently, however, Clayton County has experienced some economic relief as a result of the steady stream of movies and television shows that are being filmed there. Films include “The Odd Life of Timothy Green”, “Scary Movie 5″ and the highly anticipated “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”.

The impact of recent tax incentives for film makers on the Georgia film industry, as well as the economic influence filming is having on Georgia towns is drawing a lot of attention to filming in Georgia right now, but filming in Georgia, particularly in and around Atlanta, is not new. Historic landmarks, beautiful scenery and other factors have drawn filmmakers to Georgia for many years. One example is “Smokey and the Bandit”. This movie, which was released back in 1977, was filmed right in Jonesboro, located in Clayton County, in addition to other areas in Georgia as well as locations in Florida, Alabama and California.

In “Smokey and the Bandit”, two truck drivers attempt to win a dare by transporting beer in a specified amount of time, without getting caught by police for transporting Coors where it was illegal at the time. The two run into various complications along the way and keep us entertained with exciting high-speed chases and interesting banter.

Jonesboro, GA become Texarkana in the movie and was home to several scenes. Jonesboro
was home to the Welcome to Texarkana sign, the Coors Warehouse and Snowman’s house
during filming. The scene where the mailboxes are knocked down and the scene where
Bandit picks up the runaway bride were filmed in Jonesboro, along with several other scenes.

The look of Jonesboro attracted “Smokey and the Bandit” filmmakers, and the area continues to draw in movie and television show makers to this day. Clayton County is close to Atlanta and a major airport and features a unique and beautiful landscape that is appropriate for many different types of scenes.

Clayton County is a great example of the long-term, positive relationship an area and its residents can have with the film industry. Areas in Clayton County provided the perfect scenery back in 1977, when “Smokey and the Bandit” was released, and the area remains a relevant and popular location currently. Next time you watch “Smokey and the Bandit” see if you can pick out some familiar locations.

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What You Need To Know About Movie Copyrights

Posted by Paul Murray on Monday Jul 15, 2013 Under Tips

Movie Copyright Outdoor movie events are all about fun; getting together with family and friends in the community and enjoying a new film or an old favorite. If you are the one planning the event, though, you have the responsibility of making sure your event complies with movie copyright law. If you have never put on a movie event before, you might not understand exactly what these rules mean and whether or not your event must be licensed as a public performance. This quick guide will give you a basic understanding of movie copyrights and assist you in determining if one is needed for your event.

When you purchase or rent a movie, it affords you the right to view the movie in your own home with close friends or family. What you do not have the right to do is host a public screening of the movie. Copyright laws are in place to protect those involved in the production of films (movie producers, script writers and others) since these professionals receive royalty fees when their work is sold, performed and used.

Who needs a public performance license? You might be surprised at the many types of individuals and entities required to obtain a public performance license before hosting a movie screening. Government run agencies like parks and recreation departments, nonprofits, churches, schools and universities, individuals and businesses are all required to obtain a public performance license prior to hosting a public outdoor movie or other movie event.

What types of events need public performance licenses? You might assume that only events that charge admission must secure a public performance license; but any event, whether admission is charged or not, must comply with copyright laws. There is an exception for movies used in a classroom setting, but the requirements for this exception are very specific and must be strictly adhered to. The movie screening must take place in a classroom setting with the teacher and only enrolled students present, and the movie must relate to the core areas that are currently being studied. The movie must also be a legitimate copy of the film.

Each time you view a DVD you see the FBI warning, but you may not pay much attention to it. This warning is about copyright laws. Many of the royalty fees paid to artists involved in producing movies come from licensing fees, and copyright law is meant to protect these artists and ensure they are fairly compensated for their work. The penalty for non-compliance includes possible jail time of up to five years, and a penalty of up to $250,000.

If you are planning an outdoor movie event, whether you are a business creating an event as part of your marketing strategy, a church hosting an event or anyone else planning a public movie screening; it is best to do your homework and determine if your event requires a public performance license. In most cases you will find that you do need one.

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Southern Outdoor Cinema takes the stress and guess work out of hosting a movie theater-quality event outdoors and under the stars. Southern Outdoor Cinema doesn’t just rent movie screen equipment, but instead we share nearly a decade of movie event production experience with our clients to help them produce outdoor movie nights that are extraordinary. For a free consultation contact Southern Outdoor Cinema at www.SouthernOutdoorCinema.com

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