Movies in the Park – Alpharetta begins this Saturday

Posted by Paul Murray on Wednesday Jun 26, 2013 Under Company News

Movies in the Park Alpharetta Georgia

Northside Hospital’s Movies in the Park™ begins it’s three event series in the Alpharetta / Johns Creek this Saturday, June 29 with a free outdoor movie showing of LIFE OF PI. Movie goers will enjoy a visually stunning experience as the award winning movie LIFE OF PI is presented on a two story tall inflatable movie screen in an open air setting at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park.

Families are encourage to arrive early for free face painting and children’s activities. Gates open at 7:00pm with the feature film starting around 9:00pm. The free outdoor movie event in Alpharetta offers two seating options: seating area under the roof of lawn seating.

Food vendors will be at the event to offer movie snacks. Picnic baskets or outside food is not allowed. Guests may bring bottled water.

The event is sponsored by Northside Hospital Forsyth, Southern Outdoor Cinema, The Alpharetta CVB and Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park. For details for other free outdoor movies events in the tour visit

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Movies Filmed in Georgia: Driving Miss Daisy

Posted by Paul Murray on Monday Jun 24, 2013 Under Georgia Film Industry

“Driving Miss Daisy”, a 1989 Oscar-winning movie, is set in Atlanta, GA in the 1950′s. Fittingly, the movie is filmed in Atlanta and in a couple of the smaller towns that surround the city. Filmmakers do not always have the opportunity to shoot movies in the locations the story is actually set it, but in the case of “Driving Miss Daisy” a beautiful old mansion located in Atlanta played the role of Daisy’s house perfectly.

Driving Miss Daisy Movie

The production crew did have to make some changes to the house before it could be known as Daisy’s house, including renovating the kitchen. Overall the house, which was built in the 1920′s, worked well and the scenes that took place in Daisy’s house were filmed right there in the mansion, rather than in a studio like many movie sets.

The Atlanta house used for filming had the perfect look for the 1950′s setting, but the streets of Atlanta had too much of a modern look to fit in with the driving scenes in “Driving Miss Daisy”. The town of Griffin, GA was used for filming many driving scenes. Griffin is located very close to Atlanta, but has a much different and less modern look than the nearby city.

Smaller, less modern-looking towns like Griffin and Senoia, GA, provide a great backdrop for movies and television shows that need a small southern town setting. The town of Senoia, in particular, has become a hub for this type of filming. In addition to “Driving Miss Daisy”, movies like “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Footloose”, as well as the hit TV show “The Walking Dead” have been filmed in Senoia in recent years.

Senoia has a beautiful small town look, and has grown tremendously over the years. Crew and cast members spend money in the town during filming shopping and eating. Additionally, successful movies and television shows draw fans to their filming locations, resulting in tourists visiting and spending money in the towns.

Visiting filming locations from a favorite film is a wonderful experience. The Made in Georgia Outdoor Movie Tour provided an even better opportunity for movie fans: the chance to watch movies filmed in Georgia in the exact locations they were filmed. The tour did an outdoor movie screening of “Driving Miss Daisy” in Senoia. Southern Outdoor Cinema set up a huge inflatable movie screen in the middle of Main Street, the exact spot where scenes from the movie were filmed. It was an exciting experience for local residents and movie fans.

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Outdoor Movie Fundraising: How To NOT Lose Sponsors in One Day

Posted by Paul Murray on Thursday Jun 20, 2013 Under Tips

Outdoor Movie Sponsor Details make or break an event, right? And movie event sponsors are the most important detail. They are the lifeblood of a great get-together or fundraiser such as an outdoor (or indoor!) movie event.

Don’t let an opportunity slip away to make your movie event sponsors happy.

Don’t allow a less than professional outdoor movie rental company put a bad taste in your sponsors’ mouths.

These sponsors helped make your movie event possible, and they deserve to be in the spotlight. Plus, you want to retain them for future events!

Here’s how to please your outdoor movie event advertisers just as if they bought (much pricier) ad packages from a traditional movie theater.

1) Make sure the ads look professional on screen: Sharp, eye-catching sponsor ads is one of the keys to pulling off a high-quality movie event.

Skewed, stretched or unreadable ads? Well, they make advertisers flinch and put away their check books next time.


Just imagining a messed-up ad (and the looks on the faces of attending sponsors) makes you squirm a bit, right?

This isn’t a marketing project to face alone. We have you covered. We have a professional graphic artist on our staff to prepare sponsor ads and ensure they are shown on-screen in a proper and professional way.

The sponsors will also be delighted at how well their ads look on our theatrical-grade, elegant outdoor screen. Going pro means going big for your event, right?

2) Give your sponsors premium screen time: Your goal is to make those sponsor dollars valuable. To give your event sponsors the best bang for their buck, make sure the ads are shown well in advance of the movie.

Many outdoor movie rental providers don’t have projectors powerful enough to show sponsor ads for longer than three minutes.

Yep, just three minutes.

Why so little time? Their low-powered projectors can only be used in the dark, which is usually 40 to 60 minutes after the sun sets.

This means that depending on the number of ads shown, attendees may only get one opportunity to see the ads.

That’s it.

Our bright, outdoor projection screen can display advertisements for 20 minutes before the movie starts, while there is still ambient light.

Your movie attendees can see your sponsor messages multiple times while milling about and settling in for the flick.
This means more time for ads to be seen, and your movie can start right at sundown! (Great for families who need to get the kids to bed.)

Why do we help you so much with marketing efforts? Because we want you to enjoy the day of the outdoor movie event too! We don’t just stop by the day of, rustle up a screen and take off. We work with you during the entire event planning process before you even start publicizing.

Pleasing your advertisers is just as important as pleasing your attendees. Make sure you can put on more fun movie events by following these tips!

What other suggestions would you give event planners for increasing sponsor satisfaction for an outdoor movie event. Talk to us in the comments!

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In the fall of 2012, residents of several Georgia towns, including Athens, Gainesville, Dawsonville and Atlanta enjoyed seeing pieces of their own towns in the movie “Trouble With the Curve” when it opened in September. “Trouble With the Curve” is the story of a baseball scout who is nearing the end of his career. His daughter accompanies him on his final scouting trip and they attempt to mend their troubled relationship.

Trouble With the Curve filmed in Georgia

Since this is a baseball movie, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the filming locations was Turner Field, home of the Atlanta Braves. Braves fans will like seeing the place their favorite team plays in the movie and perhaps look for their favorite seats in the stadium as they watch. In addition to favorite and familiar places, locals can also look for familiar faces in “Trouble With the Curve”. Several Young Harris College baseball players were part of the filming of this movie. In addition to baseball players, other students and community members can be seen in the movie as extras.

The longest stretch of filming lasted ten days and took place at the Amicalola Lodge on GA 53 in Dawsonville. In addition to excitement among locals, filming in the area created an economic buzz in the community. Local stores, restaurants and gas stations enjoyed extra business, and locals were hired for security and traffic direction during filming.

Several scenes were also filmed around Athens, GA. The Globe, a local bar, and Oconee Hill Cemetery, as well as various local businesses located in downtown Athens can be seen in the movie. Some of the Globes’ employees can even be recognized in the bar scenes.

Georgia is no stranger to the film industry. Many movie, television show and commercial producers have chosen areas in Georgia, particularly around Atlanta, for filming in the last few years. This is a win-win for Georgia as well as film and television show makers. Production companies benefit from generous tax incentives available for filming in Georgia and Georgia towns experience economic benefits during filming.

In addition to these important economic benefits, seeing a movie that was filmed in your own hometown is pretty cool. If you didn’t see “Trouble With the Curve” when it came out in September 2012, consider buying or renting it and watching it now. If you love baseball, this movie will have a special appeal to you, but even if you aren’t a huge baseball fan you will probably enjoy the story anyway and it will be fun to try and spot familiar local places as you watch.

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Beef Up Your Next Corporate Picnic With an Outdoor Movie

Posted by Paul Murray on Wednesday Jun 12, 2013 Under Event Productions, Tips

outdoor movie event concessions Listen up, bosses and HR folks.

We know you’d like to get rid of – er, donate – your branded drink holders, pens and notepads to your employees as gifts. But the desires of your employees are not much different than when they were students.

The delightful word folks at work want to hear is “incentive.” Well, and the word “fun.” (Of course!) Incorporating an outdoor movie with an incentive-based and fun corporate event is the key to employee satisfaction and participation.

Besides, you get to have some fun, too.

The awesome part about having an outdoor movie event is you can craft it to be as small or as ginormous as you want. Do you want it to be just your employees and families? Fine. Want the whole community in on it? Do it!

When we asked the social media universe what they think of when they hear the words “corporate picnic,” we got some great responses, including our favorite:

“Hot dog in a suit, holding lemonade away from self to avoid spillage, avoiding sitting down to avoid getting suit dirty.”

We love the idea of making the event a pool party. Here are some other event planning ideas for creating the perfect corporate event using an outdoor movie rental.

1) Fundraising: Does your company support a charity? Fabulous! You can use the proceeds from concessions to go towards your charity of choice.

Have attendees collect donations in advance of the event or during the activities. If you have been considering a charity and haven’t found the right one, check out Charity Watch or Charity Navigator for reputable organizations.

2) Volunteering: Consider calling for volunteers to help run the outdoor movie event. Think about giving the employees who participate a couple of hours off  for helping out.

You can also turn the event into a canned food drive, coat drive or any kind of physical donation event. You’ll be encouraging your employees to give back, helping your community and enjoying yourself all at once.

3) Rewards: You can make this outdoor movie event a reward for outside volunteerism, a great sales quarter or anything you choose! Remember, “incentive” is the key to engaging your employees. And what better incentive than treating your employees to a free movie on a theater-quality screen?

4) Competitions: Remember those field days back in school? Before the movie, have a sack race, bean bag toss or other games available for your employees and their families.

There are a lot of different possibilities when it comes to hosting an outdoor movie event for your company. Our turnkey system will take the stress out of event planning. Your only problem will be deciding which great activities to choose from.

And maybe you can give away the branded swag before watching the flick.

We’ve given you a few activities to get started in creating a memorable corporate picnic that includes an outdoor movie rental. What activities would you add?

What marketing tips would you give those planning this type of event? Let us know in the comments or our Facebook page!

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Southern Outdoor Cinema takes the stress and guess work out of hosting a movie theater-quality event outdoors and under the stars. Southern Outdoor Cinema doesn’t just rent movie screen equipment, but instead we share nearly a decade of movie event production experience with our clients to help them produce outdoor movie nights that are extraordinary. For a free consultation contact Southern Outdoor Cinema at

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