3 Safety Tips For A Dive-In Movie

Posted by Paul Murray on Wednesday May 1, 2013 Under Tips


outdoor movie pool splash in The sticky-hot summer weather is approaching. No matter how much you get used to it, the heat always hits hard.

Except you have an alternative.

You don’t have to resort to staying inside with the air-conditioning on full blast and watching a flick. Ever thought about hosting a “dive-in” movie?

It’s a great combination of favorite summer activities: splish-splashing in the pool, then lounging poolside (or on your favorite inflatable in the pool) to watch a movie on a theatrical-grade screen. Hosting an outdoor movie event poolside is popular with homeowner associations, apartment complexes/condos, swim clubs and the local Y.

We know. Movie equipment and water don’t mix, right?

If safety was the first issue you thought of when having a poolside movie then no worries.

Here’s a peek at what we do to make sure the elements of a dive-in movie event blend together just as nicely as syrup and crushed ice in a snow cone.

1) Behind-screen projection – To avoid electrical issues we project the movie from behind the screen instead of in front of it. Yep, it sounds different than your usual movie-going experience, but it works well and it also keeps you safe!

2) “Silent” screen – No, in this case, we are not encouraging the viewing of silent movies. We like to use a screen that doesn’t require a blower to stay inflated. It makes for a much better listening experience. That’s also one less piece of equipment near the pool.

3) “No-Splash” Zone – We designate areas around our equipment that cannot get wet. (Oh, and do you see the friendly reminder to attendees in the photo?) This ensures you and any little ones present stay safe. We also do not allow water guns for a dive in movie to keep our equipment dry.

Our own Paul Murray talks safety during a splash-in movie in our video blog, including area or pool lighting and lifeguards.

Do you love the idea of watching a big-screen movie by the pool as much as we do? Let us know by checking us out on our Facebook page or Twitter.

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