Boat-In Movie: When A Day of Sailing Isn’t Enough

Posted by Paul Murray on Wednesday May 29, 2013 Under Event Productions, Tips

Outdoor Movie Event - Boat In After a comfortable, although warm, day of sunning, swimming and sailing, summer boaters watch for the sunset and head home.

But what if you’re wanting to have more fun and still can’t get enough of the water?

We’re sure you know where we’re going with this: a movie by the sea, of course!

Also known as a “boat-in”, marinas, boat clubs, city offices, power plants and homeowners’ associations enjoy this additional layer of event planning when it comes to outdoor celebrations.

These clients imagine docking their boats along the bank, gathering their friends and family and enjoying a big-screen movie.

To accommodate a larger crowd, we can set up the movie much like our regular outdoor movie events. Landlubbers can get a great view of the water and enjoy a big-screen movie! (Don’t forget to bring the lawn chairs, bug spray and picnics!)

Memorial Day has come and gone, and the official summer season has begun. But imagine the close of a fourth of July celebration with fireworks and a patriotic flick?

Or how about a neighborhood summer party by the lake? Complete with vendors and children’s activities? There are so many possibilities that could be combined with our professional turnkey system.

Much like our poolside movie events, putting together a state-of-the-art, cinema-quality outdoor movie of this magnitude means an emphasis on safety.

As always, we enjoy sharing expert tips on using our outdoor movie rental company, especially in a location most folks wouldn’t think to set up a theater.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning a boat-in movie event:

1) It’s crucial to know the rules and regulations of setting up when planning this kind of event. Be sure boaters are aware of the current docking rules before the event begins.

2.) We utilize a no-splash zone for events around the water. It’s important to let attendees know of the set up to keep everyone safe.

3.) Remember to encourage family-friendly food and drinks for a boat-in. That means no glass bottles, grilling safety rules and, of course, no alcohol. Many marinas already enforce these types of rules!

boat in outdoor movie rental Here are three family-friendly movies to fit the boating and water themes and great party ideas from our Pinterest boards:

  • Finding Nemo – Check out these really creative Finding Nemo party ideas!
  • The Little Mermaid – Yep, we have an idea board for this classic Disney movie, too.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean series – Who doesn’t want to be a pirate? (Well, unless you want to be a ninja.) Here arrrrr some festive party ideas. (We had to do it!)

Other great watery flicks that are great for family viewing include: Shark Tale, Free Willy and Splash.

Check out another one of our YouTube videos to fuel your imagination of a boat-in movie event.

What would you be doing on the water the day before an outdoor movie? Let us know in the comments or our Facebook page!

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Parental Guidance filmed in Alpharetta and Alanta

For most people, when the topic of the film industry comes up, Los Angeles, CA is the first location to come to mind. While it is true that Hollywood is an incredibly important place for the film industry and those who work in it, Los Angeles is not the only attractive American location for film makers. Atlanta, GA, and the communities surrounding Atlanta, have served as locations for many movies and television shows. Film makers choose locations based on a number of factors, but generous tax incentives offered by the state of Georgia certainly help to make Atlanta, GA an attractive location.

Parental Guidance, which came to theaters on December 25th 2012, was recently filmed in Alpharetta, GA and at various locations around Atlanta. This comedy is a great movie to see with the whole family, especially for Alpharetta and Atlanta residents, who might recognize some of the locations and faces in this movie. Johns Creek residents, in particular, will enjoy watching the Little League baseball scenes that were filmed at Ocee Park. Ocee Athletic Association players were even chosen as extras in these scenes. Piedmont Park, a beautiful park located near downtown Atlanta, was also chosen for filming.

Parental Guidance Alpharetta GA Filmed

Students at three area schools, Independence High School, located in Alpharetta, and Avondale Middle School and Atlanta International School, both located in Atlanta, will recognize scenes in Parental Guidance that feature their schools. A park bench scene, for example, was filmed at Independence High School. Other locations include Pebble Trail and First Baptist Church in Alpharetta, Georgia World Congress Center, Bloomingdale’s and Underground Atlanta in Atlanta, and Country Club of Roswell, Avondale MARTA station, Coolray Field, Cobb Energy Centre and a Chinese restaurant in areas surrounding Atlanta.

Some challenges did come up during the filming of Parental Guidance. One of the major complications had to do with filming in the winter, rather than the summer as was previously planned. While the actors struggled to keep warm in summer clothing during filming, the production crew got creative to make the locations work. In the house scene, for example, the grass was dead because it was winter so the production crew painted it green.

Parental Guidance is one of many movies filmed in and around the beautiful city of Atlanta. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, consider watching it with your family. If you live in or around Atlanta or Alpharetta, be sure to look for familiar places and faces as you watch. Watching a movie filmed in your own hometown is a special and fun experience.

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Campout Outdoor Movie

Campfires and s’mores, family movie nights, and time spent with family, friends and neighbors; these are probably some of the ideas that come to mind when you imagine ideal summer nights. An outdoor movie campout takes these family friendly summer activities and combines them into one very special evening. An event like this might be hosted by a neighborhood homeowner’s association in the amenities area, in a city park or even on the golf course of a country club and can be a great way to get to know your neighbors in a wholesome, family friendly environment.

If you are looking for a way to bring the members of your community together, an outdoor movie campout could be the answer you are looking for. An event like this, that combines a variety of favorite family activities, is a great way to entice people to come out and join the fun. This is not your typical neighborhood block party. An outdoor movie campout combines the newer trend of enjoying outdoor cinema with an old favorite, camping; this combination will appeal to families by bringing back childhood memories of camping trips with friends and family and offering a way for parents to create new memories with their children.

Families can come out before dusk to set up their tent or, depending on the venue, an RV, and get settled in before the movie begins. Instead of traditional movie snacks, guests can indulge in campfire favorites like hot dogs, marshmallows and s’mores while enjoying the movie. Sleeping bags provide a comfortable spot for adults and children to watch the movie and, later, go to sleep in. High quality inflatable screens allow earlier movie start times that are perfect for kid-friendly events like this; the movie can begin early and children can enjoy the movie and campfire fun and still make it into the tent for bed at an appropriate time.

Summer is a wonderful time because warm weather and more free time allows families to make special memories enjoying activities like camping, swimming, outdoor movies and family friendly community events. Neighborhood block parties, outdoor movie nights and community campouts are all wonderful ways to enjoy wholesome fun with your neighbors and friends. An outdoor movie campout is a wonderful way to combine the best of all of these events into a very special evening your whole family can remember fondly for many years.

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5 Reasons to Host A Movie Event at Camp

Posted by Paul Murray on Wednesday May 15, 2013 Under Tips

outdoor movie camping Swimming, bunking with new friends, enjoying the great outdoors. These are the kinds of things we associate with camp. We’d like to introduce a new tradition: big, beautifully projected, outdoor movies.

It may seem like an unusual combination at first glance. Isn’t camping about getting away from it all, including technology?

But we enjoy being a little bold in that arena. Melding awesome activities with great movies is what we do. We’re good at it, we really love it and, of course, our clients love it too.

Here are the top five reasons why it’s a seriously fun idea to have an outdoor movie event at camp:

1) A “camp-in”, as we like to call it, gives kids a taste of the creature comforts they miss from home. We understand putting a hiatus on cell phones, computer games and other devices that keeps us glued to screens and away from each other and the outdoors. But showing a movie is a great way to incorporate both.

Are your campers sleeping in tents? Here’s a chance to show a big-screen movie as the last activity before vittles or bedtime.

Will you be having camp during the ultra-hot summer months where the kids are dying to be inside? Have an indoor movie event inside a large facility to beat the summer heat! The kids will have a movie theater experience at camp, which would be a blast for them and camp planners.

We’ve even had clients have a camp-in on the beach! For cool nights, our clients have improvised to stay toasty by building small campfires in drums.

2) Having a big movie event at camp can serve as a reward for a long day of activities. Depending on the type of camp you are operating, it seems pretty likely your kids will be totally tuckered out. A movie on our theater-quality projection screens is just the thing to surprise your campers and give them an opportunity to relax.

3) What would make for a great close-of-camp experience than to show a great flick? Perhaps this could be the last activity the campers can enjoy before going home. Or maybe this is an event where you can invite the kids’ parents and other family members along.

Memorizing a farewell camp song or putting on an impromptu play for the grown-ups is fun, but treating them to a free movie is simply the ultimate thank-you.

4) If your movie ends up being a big event for more than just your campers, you can incorporate sponsors or have concessions open to raise money for the camp or alleviate the costs of screening. S’mores supplies for the campfire, hot dogs, popcorn, candy, cold beverages, you name it. These yummies can also be a reward to your campers!

5) Camp-ins are the ultimate opportunities to pull out classic camping flicks! Our favorite camp movies include: “The Parent Trap” (either version is awesome), “Camp Nowhere,” “Space Camp” and “Heavyweights.”

Having an outdoor (or indoor!) movie event at camp is ideal for local organizations, day camps, summer camps and neighborhood associations.

Did we forget any awesome camp movies? What would have been your favorite movie to watch when you went to camp? Talk to us on our Facebook page!

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Outdoor Movie Series Features “Movies Made In Georgia”

Posted by Paul Murray on Tuesday May 14, 2013 Under Event Productions

Made In Georgia Outdoor Movie Tour

Hundreds of tv and hollywood movies are being filmed on location in Atlanta and around the state of Georgia. This summer Southern Outdoor Cinema, the producers of Georgia’s longest running outdoor movie and festival series Movies in the Park™, are introducing a new outdoor movie series called Made in Georgia Outdoor Movie Tour. The Made In Georgia Outdoor Movie Tour will highlight Georgia’s growing film industry by showing movies outdoors in the places where the movies were filmed. Audience will love seeing sights on the big screen that they recognize from Atlanta and around Georgia.

Series Schedule:
May 18 – Smokey and the Bandit
Lee Street Park, Jonesboro, GA

July 19 – Trouble with the Curve
Dawson County Middle School, Dawsonville GA

For more information about the free outdoor movie series visit:

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