Are Your School Fundraisers Exciting?

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Fundraisers for schools and other organizations are incredibly important. For schools, fundraisers raise money for important special events to benefit the children. A fundraiser is a great way to raise money for your organization or cause, but it can be difficult to decide what type of fundraiser to organize. It is important to come up with new ideas to keep people excited about raising money.

A PTO hosts a movie night as a fundraising event.

If you have children in school, you are probably familiar with fundraisers. You have probably been asked to help raise money for your school PTO by selling chocolate, magazine subscriptions, wrapping paper or other items. The problem with this type of fundraiser is that parents and children are required to ask friends, family and neighbors to buy items they most likely do not need. Parents may not wish to sell to friends and family and they may have limited time to solicit sales, collect the money and deliver the items. This type of fundraiser gets old and can be especially troubling for families with several children in school. Many families want to support the school or organization, but experience fundraiser fatigue and simply tune-out and no longer support these programs. If this is happening at you school or organization, it is time to make a change to a new style of fundraising. Outdoor movies events are a great alternative fundraising idea. (Click here to retweet.)

Outdoor movie events make for great fundraisers for several reasons. First, outdoor movies appeal to children and adults of all ages. You can tailor your event to specific audiences through your movie selection. At an elementary school, for example, choose a popular movie that is appropriate for children and families. Second, outdoor movie event fundraisers can be stress-free to organize with the assistance of outdoor movie equipment providers who offer full turn-key productions. Next, this type of event can easily be promoted within your organization. Hang posters and utilize social media if your organization maintains a presence. For a school, send information about the event home in student’s backpacks. Finally, you will be able to raise valuable dollars for your organization or cause while enjoying a fun event.

Fundraisers shouldn’t give parents or supporters of your organization a bad feeling. Fresh, fun fundraising ideas that do not require selling are a great way to beat fundraising fatigue and gather more support for your organization or cause. Plan an exciting outdoor movie event fundraiser and have fun raising the money your organization needs.

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