Live Broadcasts onto Inflatable Movie Screens

Posted by Paul Murray on Monday Oct 4, 2010 Under Event Productions

Southern Outdoor Cinema’s huge inflatable screens paired with live video projection adds an amazing element to any event … sporting competitions, concerts, ceremonies and special announcements.

In November 2008, The Presidential Election was all over television. Students from the University of Georgia didn’t consider watching it from their dorm rooms , but instead, a large inflatable movie screen was setup in the quad so that they could watch the result together outdoors.

At a Freedom Festival in South Georgia, a 70 foot inflatable movie screen was used to simulcast the on stage performers and speaker to a crowd of over 10,000.

Because bigger is better… It’s fun to go to a buddy’s house to watch the game but your buddy’s system isn’t a huge 30 foot screen. Sports bars & grills attract customers by broadcasting sports games on larger than life outdoor inflatable movie screens. Crowds of 250 or more so can watch the game on an inflatable movie screen setup in the parking lot which give customers the feeling like they are there at the game.

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Re-create the classic drive-in

Posted by Paul Murray on Monday Oct 4, 2010 Under Event Productions

Remember the good old days of the drive-in? Loading the family into the station wagon, the sound of the tires driving over gravel and viewing the movie out of the back of the car?

Since the first drive-in theatre was opened in the 1930’s, movie goes have grown to love the charm of watching a movie from the privacy and comfort of their cars. Present day, there are only 480 open drive-ins operating around the world, but Southern Outdoor Cinema re-create the classic drive-in theater.

Fully fully equipped with state-of-the-art digital projection technology, portable outdoor movie screens and a FM stereo transmitter, Southern Outdoor Cinema can turn any (appropriate) location into a classic drive-in theater. All of Southern Outdoor Cinema’s screen viewing areas sit at least 6 feet or more off the ground, providing the best possible viewing for your guests. No installation of loudspeakers is required. Your guests simply tune into the movie’s frequency on their radios.

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Outdoor Movies on Beaches

Posted by Paul Murray on Monday Oct 4, 2010 Under Event Productions

Summer time at the beach is … sunshine, hot, and getting a tan. Right? Times are chaning. Summertime at the beach is gathering with friends and family on blankets and lawn chairs, enjoying a movie on the beach by moonlight.

With the portability of inflatable movie screens, outdoor movie events on beaches and lake shores are becoming a new tradition in outdoor movie viewing.

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“Bigger Screens. Brighter Pictures. Crisper Sound.”

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Outdoor Movies in Stadiums

Posted by Paul Murray on Monday Oct 4, 2010 Under Event Productions

Ballparks are not just for watching baseball games in anymore. America’s other favorite pastime, movie watching, is merging with sports stadiums, to host outdoor movies events. Outdoor movies in sports settings have been branded by our clients as Flicks on the Field, Movies on the Mound, Movies in the Outfield and Field of Screens.

Inflatable Movie Screen setup at Churhill Downs

Southern Outdoor Cinema and Twilight Features have partnered together to create Together the two companies, who produce high quality outdoor movie events, can create movies under the stars event to be presented in any athletic setting.

Ballparks, athletic fields (such as soccer and football) and stadiums are great family gathering places. During off season, Minor, and Major league baseball parks, NFL football stadiums, as well as Nascar and horse tracks can use outdoor movies events as a way to make money during periods when their stadiums are idle or closed. Outdoor movies at the ball park are a great way to develop relationships with your fan base during the off season such as FanFest events, Game Day Entertainment or any other special events.

Outdoor movie night with the NFL Carlina Panthers

About Southern Outdoor Cinema
Southern Outdoor Cinema, located in Atlanta, Georgia, is one of the largest providers of mobile outdoor cinema services in the United States. Known for their high quality outdoor cinema services, they have been hired to work on high-profile events for clients such as several movie premiers for Hollywood and Film studios. Southern Outdoor Cinema owns and operates the Largest Inflatable Movie Screen in the South, which has hosted crowds of over 10,000 for an outdoor movie series in downtown Atlanta, GA and at the Sherwood Baptist’s Freedom Festival. Southern Outdoor Cinema also created and implemented the Georgia Movies in the Park ™ series, an experiential mobile movie tour in North Georgia.

About Twilight Features
Twilight Features™, located in the Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, Florida, has produced over 500 events throughout the Southeast and more than 25 film festivals. Owner, Nick Toutoungi, a graduate from Florida State University, known for its Film program, has helped pioneer the outdoor movie industry. Mr. Toutoungi’s professional experience includes working as the Senior Operating Director for the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival, which is the longest film festival in the world, as well as creating the popular Maroone Moonlight Movie Series in South Florida.

Each company has hosted sound, projection and inflatable movie screen for hundreds of outdoor movie events in locations throughout Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina, including at stadiums, horse tracks and motor speedways. They are also equipped to handle nationwide mobile movie tours and multi-city events.

Paul Murray / N. Florida, GA, NC, SC, TN, AL
Nick Toutoungi / South & Central FL

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Outdoor Movies – Events that draw

Posted by Paul Murray on Monday Oct 4, 2010 Under Event Productions

With many advertising campaigns now getting lost in the noise of stagnant promotional and advertising trends, it’s crucial that agencies approach their marketing with a point of difference which make an effective and lasting impression with their target audience.

Screen on the Green in Downtown Atlanta
Outdoor Movie Events Draw …Crowds of over 10,000 attend a Screen on the Green event in a downtown park in Atlanta, Georgia. The screen that Southern Outdoor Cinema presented the films on was the Largest Inflatable Movie Screen in the South, which stands close to four stories tall and over 65 feet wide.

At the outdoor movie event, on screen advertising and commercials were displayed before the presentation of a block buster film. On site brand ambassadors distributed over 200,000 samples and premiums during the 5 movie event.

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