Outdoor Movies On The Market

Posted by Paul Murray on Sunday Sep 12, 2010 Under Event Productions

Downtown has traditionally been the heart of a community. It has been where people work, shop, gather to socialize, engage in civic activities, and often live. A healthy downtown has usually meant a healthy community. In recent decades, downtowns in America have suffered from the proliferation of enclosed malls, strip malls, big box retail outlets and office parks, all components of sprawl. Storefront vacancy signs and boarded up buildings are now too often the face of downtown in many communities. Instead of bringing people together downtown, in one place, development patterns now often dictate that we drive from place to place without much opportunity for gathering or socializing. Our sense of community has been diminished and our communities have lost their economic vitality. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Revitalization – bringing new life to downtown areas, including many aspects from improving roadways, rezoning property and attracting new business. Many downtown revitalization programs include offering community activities such as concerts and outdoor movie series.

“Movies on the Market” are a series of outdoor movie events held in a parking lot near in a small South Carolina downtown market area. The movies series draw guests to the newly redeveloped downtown area which helps bring awareness of the newly renovated downtown area and shops.

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